Saturday, June 26, 2010

Work can be an excuse to say i dont want to see yo

Why does Snickers have an ad that says, "You aren't you when you are hungry", great time to have that ad campaign, Where was this sort of thinking when I was a kid, PLUS its a goddamn fad that everyone knows will just fade away. If certain people are so smart, and the United States is apparently "Politically Correct", then WHY dont people realize that you are not you when you are hungry, why the hell does that have to be an ad slogan. ITS TRUE! Yet that fact is used as a fly-by-night ad slogan? That just gives NO credibility to that fact. Maybe the reason people are not sympathetic to most folks who are not in wheelchairs or have a serious medical problem is that they can see the issue. Things that people see are not infused with daily thoughts that one should focus on, but that would be telling people what to do wouldnt it, why is America afraid to give people a certain sense of morality. I guess thats what church is for, but what about the people that don't go to church, how would they get morality...I guess they can't.