Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Red Storm Rising???

I am wondering what Russia's motives for the world, but mostly The United States are? They never really seemed to feel comfortable with US; The Cold War is over, but by what Russia has done to Georgia, Medvedev changing their presidential term from 4 to 6 years, and just recently a Russian scholar who meshes with the Kremlin's view of the United States said that the United States will break up into 6 autonomous regions and Alaska will "revert" to Russian control. "Revert", the only thing that means is that Russia would attack the United States. Yet if the Russian Economy is getting weak, it is very doubtful this would happen. I can't believe that someone is saying this??? The audacity of this person and the Russian Government as a whole...It makes me wonder. Also Venezuela; Chavez seems like a crazy dictator based on what the news says of him. If abolishing Presidential term limits is not Dictatorial, I don't know what is.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

This company is driving me mad!

I write this blog about a certain company we all have to deal with if we have a computer. They have forced me to spend soo much money to deal with their inconsistencies. Not to mention, my old computer games do not work well, if at all, simply because new hardware is developed, and it does not conform to the standards. To start with, they DO NOT make their own hardware, so about every few years or so, you have to shell out quite a bit of money for a new computer or new hardware, because the old hardware has failed or a virus has sneaked into your computer though a loophole by the OS manufacturer, and harmed certain files, and/or caused you to have your computer freeze. You then turn off your computer without tellling the internal system to shut down, i.e you get less life out of your computer hardware. I have spent almost 9 years racking my brain trying to figure out what is wrong with my computer(s), or try to make them work again so I could use my software.

I have a cold, and trying to figure out how to get all my hotmail messages into neat little folders is agrravating it. There is a new feature that lets you type the sender of a message into a search box, it is supposed to search your INBOX; IT DOES NOT search your inbox (i.e. I type the name of a certain email into the search box, it has the date on the right hand of the email; I put it into a folder and go back, the same one with the same date appears at the top of the search; so i get wise and realize that it has not even searched my inbox, just the folder where I have the emails). I have certain folders to keep my emails in. MSN should know this, but for some dumb reason, It searches the folders. HEY! OF COURSE I would have all of one type of email in a folder. I PUT THEM THERE! SEARCH THE INBOX, NOT THE FOLDERS!

Friday, January 23, 2009


This switch to digital TV can be good, or can be just plain annoying. Thanks for giving everyone a crapshoot on their TV reception. It either works or it doesn't, no inbetween like analog. Also I have been watching SNL and they already broadcast in Digital, their TV signal is WIDESCREEN (sometimes it switches back and forth, annoying). It's kinda like blackmail in a sense that, hey if you don't have a widescreen TV or cable or don't wanna fork over the money for a DTV box, you're outta luck buddy! So we HAVE to pay for something we didn't want in the first place! Sure we want cable, but we DON'T want to buy a new TV. It would probably be summed up in two words, "Electronic Darwinism"