Saturday, August 28, 2010

Security Vs. Viruses

It would be nice if more people knew about the internet, not just basic stuff. If they did, perhaps internet security companies would realize that maybe people are smarter than they think. We need to have security tips out in the open, perhaps broadcast to many people not just to a select group that happens to listen in. There should be internet security tips on homepages of websites peole use everyday. Its REALLY easy to get a virus, yet it can take your sanity to get rid of one.

Friday, August 13, 2010

WTF America?

Why does America allow this!!!! I guess it all comes down to money...and we are surprised and shocked when something like this happens. America is like the parent who allows their child to do anything and then scolds them when they do something wrong. Okay, China steals our secrets, do we do anything??? NO! Do we push economic sanctions on them like Iran or North Korea? NO! Maybe Communism isn't a big deal if money is involved!?